Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wonder Con

Went to my first Wonder Con today with one of my daughters.  It was great seeing faces I have not seen for the past two years.  There was Andy Ristaino, Pascal Campion, (my daughter loves her print, thank you!), Dean and Barbara Yeagle, Steve Silver, David Coleman, Joe Weatherly, Donnachada Daly, Brittney Lee, Fabian Molina, John Loter (taught me when I was at Dis Consumer products in NYC and thanks for the book!) and Mark McDonnell.  Great seeing all of you again.

I bought some books at Stuart Ng's booth also.  He always has such a great selection...Darn you, Stuart!
Gruau by Hersher
Todo es Posible by Tha and Joan Tharrats
and a Severin Sketchbook.

If you are in the SF area, go to the con..Smaller than San Diego with some real gems found within!

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