Saturday, April 17, 2010

The truth

While instructing at Pixar this past week,  I discussed the concept of drawing as an experience.  We were drawing the model without looking at the page.  This sounds like a cliche, first year, college art class exercise...and it is if executed that way.  THE GOAL of the exercise, the way that I conduct it,  is for the artist to have as RICH an EXPERIENCE with the model as possible.  The drawing that is created on the page is the record of that essence the artist's journal entry of those precious minutes gone by.  To assist in living a rich experience, we use the concept of FORCE for it is the life of the model that we are in awe of...the vehicle that drives us through the story of the model!  The model is not a plaster cast but someONE who is alive and making choices, feeling and thinking while on the platform.  Your job, as the artist is to experience the model as best you can!  Train you eye, mind and hand to move in unison.  How often do we draw with one of the three components not coinciding with the other two?  Learn to see the truth.  It is far richer than the piece of paper in front of you.  Through this, you will become a fuller person.


Rodney Dollah said...

Hi Mike,

I was interested in buying your Force DVD and Reportage 101 book.

If you could email me back in regards to the above, that would be great.


Mike Mattesi said...

Hi Rodney,

There is no Force DVD...I just found the typo on the site. Thanks. There is however a Reportage book. It is a limited edition of 500. Shipping is $3. I can send you an invoice through paypal and you can enter your shipping address there also.

Thanks for your interest.